How do I schedule an appointment?
You may schedule an appointment either by  contacting me by phone or email. If you reach my voice mail, please leave me message with a number where you can be reached as well as some good times to contact you. If you have days or times that work best for you, you may leave that information as well.
What are your office hours?
I have daytime as well as limited evening and Saturday appointment hours for client convenience.
What can I expect at the first appointment?
During our first visit, we will discuss what brings you in for counseling. We will explore your particular concerns as well as any thoughts you have about your goals for therapy. During the session, you will also have a chance to assess whether you would be comfortable working with me in therapy. If so, we will discuss developing a plan for treatment.
What should I bring to the first appointment?
If you will be seeking reimbursement from your insurance company, you will need to bring your insurance card as well as any information you have received from your insurance company regarding prior authorization. Also, please print client downloads to obtain paperwork to bring with you. (Client Information, Consent for Treatment, HIPAA Privacy Notice)
How long are appointments?
A typical session lasts 50 minutes.


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How frequent are appointments?
Both the length of therapy and the frequency of appointments depend on a variety of factors which are determined collaboratively between the client and myself. For a specific life stressor, short-term therapy may be appropriate. Most clients see me once a week, but for some situations, urgency may require more frequent sessions for a short period. For those dealing with multiple stressors or working to address life patterns, longer term therapy may be indicated.
Is what I discuss in therapy confidential?
I am ethically and legally bound to maintain confidence. Confidentiality is a critical part of the therapeutic process. However, there are legal limitations to confidentiality. If you report an intent to harm yourself or another, or report suspected or known abuse of a child or elderly person, I am required by law to make a report to proper authorities. Also, a legitimate court order can mandate the release of information from a therapist. Beyond these limitations, information is not released to a third party without your consent.
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Frequently Asked Questions
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